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How It Works

Sellers can expect to pay half the commission.

For example . . .

If your home is listed at $300,00 and you offer a 2.5% commission to the buyer’s agent* — you will pay approximately $7,500 to the buyer’s agent.

In a traditional transaction, you would pay twice that: $7,500 to the buyer’s agent plus another $7,500 to the Seller’s (your) agent.

The savings are huge!

And so are the benefits. You retain full control over the sale of your home. You can cancel your listing at anytime, or even extend it. You can also ask for additional support from your broker.

Simple Selling

Sell it yourself, or you can use a Realtor…

You can save a ton of money selling it yourself, but you need exposure. Don’t give up your equity. $5k, $10k or $15,000+ is alot of money. Working 40 hours a week for 40 years most people in America don’t see money like that.

  • Homes Sold Through The MLS 80% 80%
  • Yard Sign/Open House Sign 7% 7%
  • Print News Paper Advertisement 1% 1%
  • Customer Happiness 100% 100%